AMA Recap with NFD

AMA Recap with NFD

Host : Please welcome our special guest tonight @zaramarie16 👏👏👏

Zara Marie : Hello!

Host : very pleased to meet you mate! 😉

Especially in our live community tonight 🔥

Please prepare your best answer to all questions mate 😉

Okay lets gow to the first segment 🚀🚀🚀🚀

Ah! Before we start the first question, could you please introduce yourself?

Zara Marie : Sure

Im Zara marie and im 22 years old.
Im a professional project manager and startup advisor since 2017

Here’s my twitter account: https://twitter.com/zaramarie16

Segment 1

Host : Fantastic!! 😍😎😍😎

What is NFD ? @zaramarie16

Zara Marie : Non Fungible Defi ($NFD) is a DeFi + NFT based ecosystem which is governed by our main token $NFD .

As our name states, we have combined DeFi (hottest sector of 2020) and NFT’s (hottest sector of the coming era) together to create a perfect balance for $NFD holders. We are also developing NFT based reward games 🔥

Our investors will be able to swap, stake, earn (from games), farm on multi chains ..
much more utility coming soon!

Host : Interesting! 🥰

What your current progress and development right now ?

Zara Marie :That’s a good question

As for development, we have already completed our Dapp development which includes NFDSWAP , Staking, Farming and much more add ons like NFT marketplace incoming.

Link: https://app.non-fungible-defi.com

Our NFT development is also going with rapid pace and we have designed 3 super high quality NFT’s

We have hosted an NFT giveaway tonight as well where our holders can participate and win 🔥

Host : Let’s participate and get a chance to win guys!!!🤑🤑🤑

Zara Marie : The giveaway will be hosted today!
Get ready 🔥

Here, as you can see https://t.me/nfdannouncements/60

Host : With this good project, I wonder about 3. What marketing you do right now and next quartal to boost community and token price ?

Zara Marie : Currently, we are running several marketing campaigns.

We are focusing on Tiktok, youtube and especially twitter marketing

Also, we are hosting NFT giveaways and planning iPhones in rewards to trading competitions!

Talking about next quarter marketing, we plan to move to bigger medias like cointelegraph, etc

4. I’ve heard that NFD is going to have IEO start on July 1, could you explain more please ?

Zara Marie : Yes, we are currently under private sale which is supposed to end approximately 8 hours.

After that, we will have an IEO on Probit (one of the best exchanges) with a hardcap of $550k

IEO price is set at 35$ and users can gain good returns as we always see IEO coins pumping to moon 😊

IEO link: https://www.probit.com/en-us/ieo/nfd-round1/0

Host : Good 👏👏 5. Can we stake and earn using NFD ?

Zara Marie : Yes absolutely!

As i said, $NFD token is multi utility.
It can be staked, farmed, earned, traded or swapped for NFT’s

We have already developed the staking platform and the smart contracts are all set to launch staking as soon as we list!

Not to forget, we have a staking APY of 100% , which means double tokens in a single year

Staking: https://app.non-fungible-defi.com/stake

Host : Cool 😎👍 we’ve just finished the segment 1

Segment 2

Host : Lesgow to the segment 2 🚀🚀🚀

Joseph S : Token burning is a proven way to reduce the supply and increase token value/utility. Do you also have any plan for token burn or any kinds of buyback progam ?

Zara Marie :

Yes i agree that burning is an effective way of increasing token value but it isn’t the case everytime.

We currently do not plan to burn tokens as we have an IEO on Probit exchange (one of the biggest exchanges) from 1st july to 4th july and we are pretty confident that all tokens will be sold out because of hype.

Talking about buyback, we already have framed effective strategies for buybacks and multi-marketing.

If you notice, we already have big influencers promoting us 😉

Lista April : Many project talks only about their strenghts, Can you talk about the weak point that you project is currently dealing with?

Zara Marie : That’s a really genuine question!

The project is full fledgedly running right now with all our team members being highly experienced and professional. The only issue we’re facing right now is NFT marketplace smart contracts.

Marketplace development with perfect smart contracts is a difficult task.

But According Our vision, it doesn’t matter if it takes a week extra, but we would never compromise user security and user safety

Michael Dang : A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So how is $NFD planning to build its community? And is there a plan to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the $NFD team?

Zara Marie : Yes, i 100% agree with you that a strong community attracts good partners.
Our community quality is clearly visible as we have partnerships with Binance, MXC and other exchanges listed projects as partners!

$NULS (Binance) , $REFI and many more!
We are currently in talks with $LINK (Worlds Top 15 coins) for multi chain node co-operation

Cris Julian : Security is the consumer’s top priority, where hacks often happen, how is the NFD security system presented to consumers and what unique features do you have in it?

Zara Marie : Security and user safety is the most important baseline of our project!

Our top products: dex, wallet app for ios (under development), and NFT marketplace are all fully secured as we have dedicated hosting servers for all our web services.

Whereas our team is fully trustworthy as we have partnerships with Binance listed projects like $NULS and also in talks with $Link for possible partnerships.

Host : Okay next is the last question for this segment 2, please be ready guys 🥳🥳🥳

Om Edy : We are excited to know more about the $NFD token. Can you tell us more about it, including its supply, and also where it can be traded?

Zara Marie : $NFD (Non fungible Defi) token is a BSC based multi utility token which can be traded, staked, farmed and be exchanged for NFT’s and much more!

Our total supply is 50k out of which 15k (30%) is allocated for IEO and 5k (10%) allocated for Private sale.

You can get in depth details at

Host : Seriously NFD is a good project mate 🔥🔥🔥

Segment 3

Host : Okay we are in the last segment now

I will open this chat community for 1 minute

Zara Marie : Thanks alot for your appreciation! We are already running way ahead of our roadmap

Micha Harkins : Collaboration and partnerships are one of the cornerstones to making DeFi more widespread, Can you share some of the partnerships you have formed with existing blockchain foundations recently??

Zara Marie :

Yes, i 100% agree that partnerships are a tool to measuring a company’s viability and trustworthyness.

We are currently partners with $NULS (Binance listed project) and in talks with $LINK for a possible multi chain collaboration to extend our userbase and reach!

NULS partnership proof:

Alice Hola : Hello @zaramarie16 I have a question Why should I invest in your token; do you guarantee I’ll be profitable?

Zara Marie :

Technically yes, with upcoming IEO and 2 cex listings combined with huge influencers and Cmc, Coingecko searches there’s very less chances of dump..

So yeah #dyor

Dung Hanh : Currently, NFT is very hot, do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products in the future?

Zara Marie :

The Concepts of NFT is really simple, attractive and is truly the future.

And yes, we already have developed 3 NFT’s out of which we will giveaway 1 NFT as a reward to one of our holders to during our giveaway tonight 😊

Fan DeFi : What plans has NFD made to educate the community which would in turn raise awareness, adoption and make more people understand about NFD easily?

Zara Marie :

Our plans are to make NFT trading/auctioning as well as DeFi space a simple space for new-comers.

We are also working on adding a ‘education’ section to our website where users can learn via interactive videos and blogs

Aneko Azami : Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted ? And How many tokens Will be locked by the team??

Zara Marie :

We do not have a mint/burn feature on our contract as we decide to go with 50k stable total supply.

Our basic tokennomics is as follows:

Total supply: 50k

IEO: 15k
Private Sale: 5k
Staking: 8k
Nft games: 6k
Marketing: 4k
Exchange: 4k
Advisor: 3k
Nuls: 2k
Airdrop: 1500
Team: 1500

Also, our Team tokens are already locked for 2 years! 🔥

Proof: https://bit.ly/3wNgBeO

Host : Yay!! You’ve done answer 5 questions 🥳🥳🥳

Zara Marie :

🔹Total supply only 50k 🔥
🔹 Currently under Seed sale ⏰
🔹 Probit IEO, Listing confirmed✅
🔹 Bkex listing confirmed ✅
🔹 NULS (Binance)partnership ✅
🔹 Staking Ready ✅ (100% apy)
🔹 Farming Ready ✅ (100% apy)
🔹 DEX Ready ✅
🔹 MXC listing after Bkex listing✅
🔹 Seed Sale price : 35$
🔹 Listing price : 50$( +40% ) 🔥
🔹 Team tokens locked 2 years 😱

Website: https://non-fungible-defi.com
Telegram: t.me/nfdofficialchat
Twitter: twitter.com/nfd_token



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