AMA Recap With JobChain

Host : Please welcome Jose Bay

Jose Bay : Welcome everyone! ! Thank for you for the opportunity to be with you today.

Host : it’s nice to have you in our community. before we go to the segment 1, Could you please introduce yourself and tell us about your position in Jobchain?

Jose Bay : My name is Jose Bay, CEO of Jobchain. My previous experience was focused in cybersecurity. I was former cybersecurity officer for nuclear facilities at the international atomic energy agency (IAEA) and former cybersecurity officer at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Segment 1

Host : Good story ! and what your story join to Jobchain ?

Jose Bay : During our work travelling around the world we found out the there was a lot of people without access to bank account nor a reliable access to a recruitment services. We found that through the use of mobile devices and blockchain we could solve that issue and provide a solution for 1700 M people that do not have access to those services.

Host : Please describe what is Jobchain ?

Jose Bay : Jobchain is a platform for Web, Android, iOS and dWeb. It enables anybody to find jobs and get their salary in cryptocurrency.
The application consists of a cryptocurrency wallet where users can store, buy, sell, send, receive cryptocurrency and also a labor market where users can hire ang get hire and receive their salary instantly in cryptocurrency.
Jobchain is a platform registered in Austria, Spain and EEUU having its trademark registered in over 80 countries worldwide.
Also, Jobchain won the first price in an international contest for companies in Europe.
Jobchain has its own cryptocurrency, JOB. It´s been the digital asset of biggest growth in 2020. It´s been also recently listed in Bittrex and

Host : I think it is kind a good project! Now, we go to the Question 3 Can you tell what mechanism to find Job on your platform ?

Jose Bay : The process will be very simple.
Any user will be able to look for the services that they are looking for. They will make an offer to the employee , select the currency of payment, duration of the contract, and then you´d be official hired. Once completed, both, employer and employee will accept the work is completed, and the funds will be transferred to the employee´s wallet.
Under our view, it´s an evolution of Linkedin but the difference that our users are verified and they have access to financial services.

Host : It sounds very simple and worth it to try ! Question 4. What main features that Jobchain have ?

Jose Bay : Jobchain consists of three main features.
1. An identity wallet where users can store their identity, education, etc.
2. Cryptocurrency wallet. Users can store, send, receive, buy and sell cryptocurrencies
3. Labor Market: Users can hire or get hired anytime any where
4. Goods Market, Users can buy or sell their assets between users.

Additionally, we have certain benefits for JOB Token holders as:
1. Cashback in Salaries up to 5%
2. Cashback in Shops up to 10%
3. Free Susbscriptions to Netflix, Spotify etc.
4. Discount on the fees for using the platform
5. Free tickets to events of all types

Host : Perfect ! This is the last question of segment 1 ! Question 5, Can you share the latest update on Jobchain ? specially for JOB token

Jose Bay : Yes.

a. Jobchain (JOB) has been recently listed in Bittrex
b. Jobchain (JOB) won a competition to be listed in LAToken. Trading starts next Monday 12th April 2021.
c. Jobchain (JOB) will be available 23rd or April 2021 in over 30000 shops in Europe in the form of coupons they can exchange for goods (supermarkets, etc.)
d. Jobchain (JOB) token also will be able to be accepted natively through Bitnovo to be used in shops in Europe.
e. Jobchain (JOB) token will be listed in Bitsa, a company that allows JOBs to be top-up in VISA Debit Card and use it pay anywhere VISA is accepted.
f. As the biggest announcement. Jobchain has partnered with well know football players from the Spanish Football League to be the first ones to receive their salary in cryptocurrency

Segment 2

Host : Okay thankyou for the answer.
Now, we move to Segment 2, Questions from member on twitter

Question 1 Please explain specifically what differentiates your projects from other DEFI projects, so that it can attract investors to enter your projects. thank you !

Jose Bay : Jobchain provide a unique solution that unifies Financial services and recruitment services. Our corporation is composed of international experts from United Nations, International Atomic Energy Agency or Organization for Cooperation and Security in Europe and Our objective is to standardize the use of cryptocurrencies through our platform through our connections within all governments. We are confident we will achieve our goals in the next two years and Jobchain will be the standard solution for them.

Host : Question 2, You have a lot of similar competitors in the crypto world. Can you indicate the strength of Jobchain to compete with other competitors? What is your most trusted feature?

Jose Bay : Right now, our main competitors are Fiverr, Upwork, Linkedin or Uber.
The strength of Jobchain is, first, the quality of the team behind, second, the user interface which makes easy to people to manage their crypto and to be hired anywhere any time and third, the security provided to all its users.

Host : Question 3 What problem that Jobchain faces in this industry ?

Jose Bay :

The main problem is that Jobchain faces is the lack of trust of users and investors. Jobchain has been completely self-funded by me and this has been the only way I could find. The ICOs of 2017 were very harmful for the blockchain industry, and all the legit projects that were created after that period paid the price.
Said this, we won´t give up on this project and we are confident that we will have great impact in the industry in the following months.This message is currently not supported on Telegram Web. Try

Host : I hope you and the team will never give up on Jobchain. Godspeed! Questio What Jobchain feature that can help people to made money ?

Jose Bay :

1. Jobchain will have staking capability, where users, will be able to stake their JOBs
2. All the earnings of the Jobchain Platform will be automatically redirected to the purchase of JOBs from the market, so all the JOB holders will receive commisions on all the transactions happening in the platform which include 1. Payment transactions and 2. JOB Contract transactions.

Host : Okay, this the last question of segment 2

Question 5, Crypto and blockchain is new era tech in this decade , how Jobchain can fill GAP between old tech and now ?

Jose Bay : Jobchain has the vision to provide a platform that makes its users to be independent from governments and banks. It´s a fully integrated cryptocurrency solution and allows also its users to have a source of income that doesn´t devalue in time. Instant Transactions. Financial Services, Recruitment Services. All in one platform.

Segment 3

Host : Thank you for completed Question of Segment 2
Now we go to the last segment ! The questions come from our live community, So feel free for you guys dropping question “anything” related to Jobchain Project

Wow too much questions. Could you please choose 5 best questions that you can answer it?

Jose Bay : Yes. A lot of questions.

member 1 : Where can I buy JOB token ? Any upcoming exchange listings?

Jose Bay: Users can buy JOB Tokens in,, and other 25 exchanges worldwide.

member 2 :Tell us a some about security? Is your smart contracts audited?Are the smart contracts error-free? What are the test results?

Jose Bay: Yes, our smart contracts are audited by Certik, the most important smart contract audit corporation in the world. We obtained 98% score making our smart contract completely risk free.

member 3 :Which companies are you cooperating with or looking to cooperate with in the future?

Jose Bay: We are cooperating with a number of industry leaders worldwide.
1. Cryptoplaza: biggest crypto hub in south europe
2. Jobchain has been selected to Lanzadera, the biggest accelerator in Spain
3. Jobchain has partnered with top international companies already (We can disclose the names as it´s confidential for now) to start payments of salaries for their employees. Pilot will start this month.
4. Jobchain has also partnered with known football players from the spanish league. This will be announced in the following days.
5. We are closing partnerships with International Organizations so they can use our platform for payments of salaries everywhere they operate.

member 4 : Can you tell us what are the main benefits of $ JOB token holders? For investment purposes, why should we invest in $ JOB ? What benefits does $ JOB bring to holders?

Jose Bay: JOB Token holders will:
1. Receive cashback in Salaries up to 5%
2. Receive cashback in Online shops up to 10%
3. Free suscriptions to Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, and local shops
4. Free tickets to known events.
5. A % of all the commissions that users paid in the network. Expected the revenue in the first year of 250 M Dollars.
6. There will be 7 levels for JOB token holders and they will receive the benefits accordingly.

Member 5 : Jobchain is a complex project. Are you planning to create educational materials so that more people understand your goals and vision?

Jose Bay: Yes, definitely. Right now we are developing a series of tutorials that will allow users to learn everything about the Jobchain ecosystem as well as tutorials to educate people in the area of Blockchain.

We have partnered with one of the biggest telecommunication company to offer decentralized access to education.

Thank you for time and thank you to all the communityIt´s been a pleasure to be here with you. For any questions you can contact [email protected]

we will share it on twitter for the winner! please stay tuned!

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