AMA Recap The Wasted Lands x Cryptoiz !

AMA Recap The Wasted Lands x Cryptoiz !

  1. Hallo guys! Please introduce yourself and also the background of Wastedlands Team?


My name is Ying. I’ve been working as a Partnership Manager of The Wasted Lands. I used to work as a marketer/Influencer affiliate for game studios before joining The Wasted Lands team.

About my journey in cryptocurrency, it was a long story back then. I’ve been into cryptocurrency in early 2020 – when the pandemic came. The COVID pandemic caused an unprecedented life-changing to every field, specifically blockchain and game NFT. Well, that leads me get started with the project.

Regarding the core team profile, you can access to whitepaper slide 17 and our projects on the next slides. https://thewastedlands.io/white-paper 

Let’s me make a brief of it below: On the game production aspect, before starting everything together, our team worked separately at Gameloft, Gear Inc, IEC, Hiker, VTC, Amanotes and Zitga. We’ve been involved in many great projects, such as Asphalt 9, Minion Rush, Dungeon Hunter 5, Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Summoners Era,… as Game Designer Lead, Tech Lead, Art Lead and Marketing Lead. 

Our blockchain team consists of 5 core full stacks developers with 4 years of in developing defi, smartcontracts and blockchain core. The team is lead by an experienced Product Manager who has 4 years of building fintech products, 2 years of experience in building disruptive blockchain innovations, an enthusiast contributor on different blockchain such as: Wax, Incognito, EOS… 

For Growth team, we have 12 members, including 1 growth director, 1 marketing director and 10 members accross functions. With strong focus on the community, we have 3 dedicated members to support our community members.

  1. Can you share to us what the ” Wasted lands project” and also the highlight of Wastedland that put it aside from it’s rival? 

Answer : 

Nice question!

Regarding the game title, back to the beginning, when we were brainstorming about the title, there were some other alternatives such as: After All; Mad World; The World After, etc. However, we decided to choose a noun phrase that represents the game environment, a phase that best describes a world where players will take on adventure.

So we had “The Wasted Lands”. The title triggers your imagination of junk yards, deserts that no one lives, handcrafting fortresses where survivors stay together, and cities that are ruined by the pandemic. ==> This is exactly what we want.

I’d like to take 3 advantageous points that set our project apart from the competition. 

First, The Wasted Lands is a match-3-RPG game with a post-apocalyptic theme. Players’ main mission is to discover the secret of the biological pandemic in 2062.

In order to do that, you will have to gather your team, fight against others, explore the world and collect pieces of evidence. For match-3 gameplay, you may think of Candy crush or Bejeweled as an example. We hope this classic gameplay would attract mass users as it is really familiar and easy to play.

Second, In December, 2021, you may witness a bunch of new projects, but the market will still in lack of games that is well-balanced between FUN & EARN. The Wasted Lands will be there to solve the problem. 

Unlike most other NFT games, you won’t find the big earning purpose in The Wasted Lands. We focus more on building a game that players enjoy, like we did with traditional games. Also, many critical disadvantages of current NFT games will also be solved, such as high entry-cost, low number of players.

Last but not least, we create A really exciting way of creating new NFT warriors, via our Breeding/Mating and Fusion feature. This is where you can actually create a warrior with a lion head, steel-armor body with giant eagle wings, and cyborg’s arms.

And with all that, we confidently believe that The Wasted Lands will be a great potential to players and investors in both short-term and long-term.

  1. Please tell us more about the token utility $WAL ?

Answer : 

WAL is our governance token, and its allocation looks like this.

We define The Wasted Lands as a long-term project, so the tokenomics had been advised by top VCs and was trictly built.

The WAL token release schedule would look like this.

Until December 2022, the supply would be controlled around 20-30%, which is super healthy.

Regarding the play-to-earn scheme, let’s take a look at the basic loop of the game. It describes better than a thousand words.

To make sure The Wasted Lands is a world of full adventure, many other features will be added in 2022 and later on, such as:

– Shelters building

– Vehicles system and racing

– Pets system

– Guild/Clan system and Guild war

Looking forward to releasing those wonderful features!

  1. What are the major milestones Wasted lands have achieved so far?


As a marketer of the project, At the moment, we reached almost 100k followers on Twitter, 105k followers on Telegram and roughly 50k members on Discord although the project has not launched yet. Please follow up all social media platforms to keep updated guys. We promise not to let y’all down. Website: https://thewastedlands.io/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/thewastedlands

Telegram: https://t.me/TheWastedLands

Twitter: https://twitter.com/thewastedlands

We have received a huge support from big VCs, Influencers all around the world namely Oxbull, GGG, Gamefi, Cryptoiz (thanks for having us),.. 

In the short term plan, we will focus on growing our early adopters as investors, play-to-earn players. Then, we will expand and convert gamers to join.

It would not be easy, but we will have to try, at least with all the insights we have in traditional games and blockchain.

  1. Partnership is an important point, so can you list some big partnerships you have to do now?


The project have been receiving a lot of support from top VCs such as Bigcoin capital, Good Game Guilds, X21 Capital, Lavender Capital, VBC Venture, Panda Capital, Kangaroo Capital and more than 20 other VCs + 100+ Influencers that our team is in the process of finalizing the contract


  1. Is your project only for English speaking countries or is there a community for other language users?

We are not targeting only English speaking countries. In fact, in the short term, we are focusing more on Tier 3 countries such as South East Asia and Latin America. Then we will expand to other countries as the game grows.

Local communities are crucial for games like The Wasted Lands. We have already had different group for non-English speakers on Telegram and Discord. You can join and start making friends there.

If you’re seeking to be our community manager in your local, please don’t hesitate to ping Ying right after this. 😄

  1. $WAL and $WAS, what is the usefulness of these tokens, how do they work within the game, is it necessary to have $WAL and $WAS to start the game or can we do it with other cryptocurrencies or stablecoins

We have 2 tokens in our game:

$WAL is main governance token of The Wasted Lands. 

– Use to Buy/rent NFT assets.

– Use to fuse & give birth to next generation of NFTs warriors.

– Staking.

– Pay services fee on marketplace

– Governance

– Buy exclusive merchandise & auction for NFT game assets.

$WAS is main utility token and can be earned by playing the game through PvE mode.

Use cases of $WAS: 

– PvE and PvP rewards

– Burn to Upgrade higher level NFTs items (equipments, lands, pets…) from in-game resources.

– Burn to level-up Tier & Membership

– Burn to speed up research & production in-game.

  1. What is the utility of the $WAL token in the ecosystem and tell us some benefits of holding this token for the long term? And What is your marketing strategy? What is your expectation of the project in the crypto world?

the most common reason of selling your tokens is that investors don’t see any potential in it. For example, they don’t think the token price will bump in the future.

Every project have to face with that challenge. Besides, keeping the token price going up all the time is not really a good strategy.

However, we have multiple methods in maintaining an optimal price:

– short-term: we have staking to reward holders; we have fusion and breeding feature to burn the token and create more valuable NFTs

– long-term: we have a solid go-to-market strategy and free-to-play system to make sure new users, new investments come.

We also have a concrete game-release timeline and great communities to spread the news. We will make sure good news of The Wasted Lands reach more and more audience every 1 or 2 weeks.

And we’ll do all that globally, starting with Tier 3 countries such as South East Asia, Latin America. Then we will expand to other countries as the game grows.

  1. Blockchain games it can be a bit risky, my question is does a newbie like me need any special skills to play at #WastedLands? And How does #WastedLands bridge this to attract more traditional players and educate about the benefits of blockchain-based games.

Although we have built great technology to create and sustain a safe and reliable project for all our investors and players, we won’t use that as a selling point to attract them. They need to see the application, the actual use of the token to put their trust in it.

However, please be remind that the Earning factor in our game would not be high, especially in long-term. We are aiming at a game that provides real entertainment. 

So, FUN would come first, and it would be our only principle in this.

Needless to say, a fun and well-balanced game is what people want to play. Take a look at the billion-dollars market of traditional games, you will understand what I’m trying to say. Even you guys were at least once want to play or buy a game just because it’s fun, right?

Therefore, a good game attracts great amount of users, and the more players you have, the more valuable of your project.

  1. According to the project’s roadmap- what are your most important next priorities?

You guys will witness many upcoming events of our project. To be more specific, 30th Dec: Alpha game test released v0.5 on IOS and Android/PC.

In 1st of January: Warrior NFT Staking released – earn NFTs resource in-game. 

– Feb: Fusion & Breeding feature; release PvE, worldmap

– March: release the complete core-loop of the game with PvE and PvP

– Q2: Lands & Shelters system; Renting Warriors feature

– Q3: Updating more contents to PvE, adding special tournaments in PvP

– Q4: introducing Vehicles system and new gameplay to it; first step to expand our universe.

Please refer to our timeline on the website: https://t.co/iFsIdMGA7H?amp=1

Segment 3

  1. On your website you don’t mention that you have done any internal or external audit of your smart contract, so can you give us details if you have done any audit before? And in case you haven’t, would you plan to perform any review of your smart contract in the near future? @Queen_SP

Answer :

On the blockchain security side, we have the contract auditted by Solidproof and we are going to have 1-2 more audits. Right now, the are working with another auditting firm.
On the game security side, with our a wide range of experience in gaming, we have solutions to tracking, manage and prevent hacking, cheating from the game.
We have a dedicated tech team on game client, game server and blockchain to make sure The Wasted Lands is a safe place to invest and enjoy playing. We also have an experienced Game Operation team with Game Masters from Garena and VN.
We will also recruit local game masters and communication managers to help us operating the game. If you guys find it interesting, please DM Ying for further details.

2. IS This Your project only for elite investors, how about others with small funds, is it open to everyone? @ANISURRAHAMAN1211

Answer : It’s open for everyone, non crypto and crypto user can start with free NFT warrior

3. I’ve seen a lot of blockchain game and I’m curious about this; I’m a woman.. and I’m interested with this game, is wasted lands suitable for woman? @nihaunihau

Answer :

Yup, The Wasted Lands is a match-3-RPG game with a post-apocalyptic theme. Players’ main mission is to discover the secret of the biological pandemic.
In order to do that, you will have to gather your team, fight against others, explore the world and collect pieces of evidence.
For match-3 gameplay, you may think of Candy crush or Bejeweled as an example. We hope this classic gameplay would attract mass users as it is really familiar and easy to play.

4. Can you list some great features of your project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about? @josephsin27

Answer :

In short, we have 3 unique selling points:

  • Match-3 gameplay + hero collection + post-apocalyptic theme = the unique role-playing experience in exploring the story and tactical team building.
  • The free-to-play mechanism, giving our users a closer look at the game before making an investment.
  • A really exciting way of creating new NFT warriors. This is where you can actually create a warrior with a lion head, steel-armor body with giant eagle wings, and cyborg’s arms. You can have access to this via breeding/mating and fusion.

These USPs would differ our game from other competitors.



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