AMA Recap: Structure.Finance X Cryptoiz

AMA Recap: Structure.Finance X Cryptoiz

Segment 1

Host: Hi, before we start this AMA. Would you want to introduce yourself to our community?

Serge: Well, again hello and good to meet you all! I am Serge, the founder of the structure.finance project, so Ask Me Anything!

Host: Would you explain briefly about this project?

Serge: Structure.finance is a platform that supports a variety of different structured financial products. Currently, creating products like these pose a high barrier of entry due to the technical skills and coding required to implement them. We believe there is a massive potential for integration of these structured products across protocols. Our platform will serve as both a standalone solution but also one that can be added into other DeFi protocols seamlessly, bringing structured financial products to the entire market. So Structure.finance creates easy to use tools for creating structured financial products based on cryptocurrencies. Two options products are developed at this stage, providing users with new options for trading and hedging against volatility risk.

Host: I wonder what the name Structure Finance in this project was inspired from?

Serge: Well, originally we had a different name but when we started marketing, we decided that structure.finance is the most obvious name since we are offering structured products

Host: Can you explain Structure.Finance vision and mission?

Serge: We are trying to democratize the structured product space and bring it to crypto. We wanted to remove the intermediaries (issuers) from the structured product issuance/life cycle process by creating a flexible DeFi platform. The idea is that our platform will bring together people who want to buy structured products and people who want to serve as structured product issuers – the way we are building the protocol there are very few limitations in terms of the structure and we can very quickly push new ideas to the market. There is also a community engagement aspect that does not exist in traditional finance – we can crowdsource ideas for structured products. Think about it this way – structured products are “custom” views on the market that generate money.

Host: And how about the tokenomy?

Serge: On the subject of tokenomics, we have some useful charts. Also you can find a more detailed tokenomics with token release plan in our current whitepaper

Host: Which exchange has Structure.Finance been listed?

Serge: We are partnering up with a few centralized exchanges and several existing dexs so we can list cross-market. We are close, but I don’t want to name names because it’s still in progress and I don’t want to jinx it 👍

Segment 2

@tuan_iker: Could you tell us about the background and experience of Structure finance’ DEVELOPMENT TEAM? How will they carry out your project during this current pandemic?

Serge: Our team comes from a mix of traditional finance and crypto backgrounds. We have three founders and a development team. Myself, I have about 20 years of experience in traditional finance, managing structured product issuance, trading and sales. Before this project, I was a quantitative trader at Point72 and managed structured product portfolios at Nomura, Citi Bank and Morgan Stanley. So this is a natural next step for me. Kent (our head of risk) also comes from traditional finance, he worked as a senior quant at Goldman and Fortress. Last but not least, Evelina, our Head Princess, comes from the pure cypto background. She was part of marketing team for Waves and was named in top 10 women in crypto in 2017. We started as a remote team from inception so I do not think pandemic and lockdowns will be a problem for us.

@nguyyeenn1921: How do you intend to raise awareness of your initiative in countries / regions where English is not widely spoken?? Do you have a community outreach strategy in place to help people better comprehend the project?

Serge: We are very interested in non-English speaking communities and really want to engage there. The best way, in our view, is to partner with local crypto communities and use them to win hearts and minds. We are also working on a grass-roots rewards model where shareholders can win extra tokens by increasing community engagement.

@ShiellaShiety: Could you tell us what is the important role of Structure’ token in your ecosystem?? What are the Utilities and use cases of your token?? and what are the benefits of holding your token for long-term?

Serge: The platform supports STF as the native token for fees, incentives and decentralized governance. STF is the default currency in the Structure.finance platforms. Users will be using STF for transaction fees and the palatiform itself will buy back and store STF. Finally (and probably most importantly), the owners of the tokens will be entitled to most of the platform fees which will be passed through to them.

@Josseph0199: Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project?? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?? What are the benefits of Holding token??

Serge: Definitely, the holders of STF token will have the right (and will be encouraged) to participate in the governance of Structure! We are going to vote on things like new payoffs, token rewards, sharing of network fees etc. So owning our token is the main way to influence the direction of the community. The main benefit, of course, is the share of the platform fees – as the platform gains users and more transactions happen, Strucutre will share it’s fees with the holders of the token.

@PyshWindy: In your Website, you mentioned the phrase as Double No-Touch Options. Can you tell me what it means? How does it work and what role does it play in the framework of Structure Finance

Serge: Pretty easy concept – you get paid if USD/BTC stays in range for an hour. so if nothing happens, you win. You know, make it good to be bored 🙂 More formally, you get two boundaries (upper and lower) and if these boundaries are not touched, you get paid. At the start of the trade, you can see these boundary prices and you know the cost of that bet is (right now 50%). That means you double your money if BTC does not touch these levels for an hour

Segment 3

Project: Many projects on a daily basis promise great utilities and functionalities, but they end up throwing the carpet days after the presale, how do you really know that your project will not throw the carpet? What guarantee do investors have?

Serge: The founders (myself, Kent and Evelina) are well know in both traditional finance and crypto, with a reputation to uphold. So we have a lot at stake and are not going to throw it away for a few dollars. Most importantly, if this project works there will be way more money to go around!

As Ghumaow Gh: Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Serge: All structured products built on our platform will include a token buy-back component. While the token is held in reserve in case of emergencies like collateral shortfall, if nothing happens it just stays there so effectively it is burned

Karl Smith: As an individual user, In What ways can I contribute to the development of ? Do you have Ambassador programs and What are its benefits?

Serge: Our main challenge is educating the users about structured products and their benefits. We are indeed planning to have a local ambassador model where people from local communities help us teach and answer questions about our products and processes.

Meradona: What are your security measures adopted from hacking and bugs in smart contract ? Have you conducted any audit to make your smart contract safe???★★★

Serge: Every product we push out will undergo a proper security audit. In fact, the two products that are going live are being audited right now.

Craggy: Most users only care about immediate benefits rather than the real value of the project in the long-term. How can Your Project convince users invest to your platform in the long-term?

Serge: We are trying to make a utility token that will be beneficial to the holders in the long term. First of all, there likely will be a profit-sharing feature so long-term profits of the platform will be shared with the owners. Also, all products have a buy-back feature so the token will increase in price as the platform popularity grows. Finally, there is a plan to expand our footprint via collaboration and token holders will benefit from these too.

NA: Is your project a local project or a global project ? Can anyone use your services from anywhere in the world? Is there any restrictions of using your service?

Serge: We are a global project. Anyone can use it from anywhere in the world, except we do discourage users from the USA because of the US securities laws.

Meradona: What plans do you have to grow rapidly in terms of users, global market and partners? What are your strategies in building a big and strong community?

Serge: We are trying to attract users in two ways, one is obvious marketing channels such as Youtube and Twitter. But more importantly, we are trying to create incentives for the users to join and use our platform, primarily in the form of profit sharing and token drops.

Lucy Chan: What are the key milestones on your roadmap – both things you have already achieved and things that we can look forward to? Any partnerships and short/long term technical milestones that you want to talk about or bring some attention to?

Serge: We are live with our first structured products on BSC right now, double no touch – you can play around with it here https://structure.finance/dnt/ . We are also getting ready to push out a new product, Volatility Income Pool where the user can benefit if cryto world stays quiet. And here is our technology and business development timeline:

Isabella Johnson: Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any $Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Serge: I already answered this one, but the general idea is that all of our structured products built on our platform will include a token buy-back component. While the token is held in reserve in case of emergencies like collateral shortfall, if nothing happens it just stays there so effectively it is burned

Dived Milar: Talking about partnerships and collaborations, what should we expect from your project in the coming months?

Serge: Well, we are planning to release a new, shorter dated version of double no touch product. Most importantly, we are pushing out our VIP product – Volatility Income Pool where the user can benefit from quiet in the crypto market.

Greed: How much the target of marketcap for structure finance token? and whats strategy will use for reach the marketcap target?

Serge: Obviously, we are hoping for as high as possible! I think if we manage to get a lot of users for the products, the market cap will grow naturally

Ayah Pengin Istri Baru: I understand that Structure Finance is a trading platform for users of all levels that specializes in structured finance products. But how understandable and easy can it be for a user without deep knowledge of structured finance to develop a decent strategy?

Serge: We aim to make our products intuitive and easy to use but also we are going create a series of tutorials about our products. Also, you can always ask questions in our community channel!

KangMas: In the future, what project structure finance can attract investors the most?

Serge: I believe it’s going to be our volatility income pool (VIP) product which offers volatility staking income



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