AMA Recap Manga Token x Cryptoiz

AMA Recap Manga Token x Cryptoiz

Segment 1

Host: Would you explain briefly about this project?

Elvin: Sure! At the end of the day, Manga Token is a utility token. It’s key purpose is to reward manga artists and authors for their great work in creating so many entertaining materials and works for us consumers to enjoy. In order to do so, this token needs to be backed by fans as well as a strong community. To do that, we have also incorporated features to reward end users with manga NFTs through our staking mechanisms. And to foster the community spirit, enabling trade amongst the community using Manga Token as the medium of trade will help to strengthen that bond behind community members. Think of it as a membership card to the greater Otaku group worldwide.

Host: Please tell us about Manga Internationalisation Collaboration

Elvin: Sure! In the near future, we will be launching our very own manga reader app. This app is meant to allow fans from all over the world to read the manga published in it for free or at a very low subscription fee. To be able to achieve that, we intend to pair manga artist/ authors together with fans to help translate the manga into the local language. Fans translating manga is nothing new. But what is new here is that now through our platform manga artists/ authors can collaborate with fans. Even better, when other fans read the manga, both the manga artists/ authors and the fans whom helped with the translation will get rewarded with Manga Tokens.

Host: Can you explain Manga Token vision and mission?

Elvin: Ok! The vision is to disrupt the industry by helping good manga globalise faster and our mission is the provide all the required support and the best environment for manga artists and authors to create good works!

Host: Who are the Manga Token partners?

Elvin: Simple question to answer! First We started with 3 companies coming together, Sozo Comics, Super Genius Games and 2359 Media. But now our partner base has grown so much larger, encompassing AIWORKS, DVG Capital, Polybius Capital, CryptoProp, Exnetwork Capital, GRS Research, Dreamcore, Black Dragon, Oracles Investment Group, Leos Ventures, IR21 Capital, Prostarter, P2PB2B and Bitmart. And this is going to grow much larger going forward, with your participation in the project.

Host: And the last question in this segment 5) btw, how about the tokenomic?

Elvin: Sale (12.535%) – Sold through the seed, private, pre-sale and public IDO/IEO rounds. Advisors (10%) – 0.5% to each advisor. Unlocks at month 6 after 14th July 2021, disbursed every month over 2 years. Team (10%) – 0.1% to 1% to each important team member. Unlocks at month 12 after 14th July 2021, disbursed every month over 2 years. Marketing allocation (2%) – Payout to influencers. Rewards mining (15%) – Payout to mangaka as votes, events & readership rewards. Liquidity mining (10%) – Payout to user staking uniswap/ pancakeswap LP tokens. Reserve (13.5%) – For sale into public market to cover operation costs. Unlocks at month 12, liquidated to market over 3 years. Treasury (16.465%) – Marketing making and listing purposes. DEX liquidity (0.500%) – Liquidity lock in any DEX such as Uniswap & Pancakeswap. Project starter liquidity provisioning (10%) – Uniswap or pancakeswap liquidity for projects under the Manga Project Starte.

Segment 2

@KiyokoSumaru: The size of the community has an impact on the success of a project. Do you plan to educate both crypto and non-crypto individuals all over the world? Is it possible that countries that do not speak English may be denied access to the your Project?

Elvin: The majority of the manga & anime fan base are non-crypto users. To reduce the friction for non-crypto users, we intend to introduce fiat payment for NFTs. By doing so, we can then introduce crypto to these users progressively as they start to use more services on our platform. For non-english speakers, we’ll work with the community to do translations.

@QuNguyn61793298: Building and giving trust to the community is one of the toughest challenges because of the many frauds and crimes happening in crypto today, how can you solve this problem and convince investors to invest?

Elvin: Ok. Good question! We have been hit by scams many times over, I appeal to the community to be always wary of such people (scammers). To fight scammers, we abide with the following rules:

1) In TG, we will never DM you.

2) On Twitter, we will always alert you of scams that we notice

3) Always look up BSC scan for the correct token address

We have setup DMARC on our mangatoken.org domain to prevent people from phishing. But if you do see weird or fishy emails coming from our domain, always email [email protected] to verify

@DiniAndiny6: You are a project owner, but I believe that you also are an investor, so could you tell us does #manga have any plan to burn or buy back any tokens from the market? Do you have such programs?

Elvin: Very interesting perspective! Once we turn profitable in 24 months we will allocate 20% of our monthly profits to buy back $MANGA from the market. These tokens that are bought back will be burned. We do this to reduce the token circulation in the market.

@Kannachan911: Staking & NFT are hot topics right now, My question is, did you make this project only for the short term because of these hot topics?? Do you have a long term plan for this project??

Elvin: We are doing this as a long term business. Our long term goal is the help manga go international faster and provide manga artists & authors with right support to publish new manga. NFT is just a means to get started, you can expect more from us. Especially for manga readers, do stay tuned to our manga publishing mobile app.

@Ipman15547444: What is the most ambitious goal of your project? What is the ultimate vision that Your project is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrencies market? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

Elvin: I love this question! We want to change the manga industry from outside of Japan, to do so we intend to disrupt the industry by cutting out the middle man. We will first launch our basic NFT selling feature on our platform, followed by introducing peer to peer selling features, then fiat payment and custodial wallet functionalities so that non-crypto users can use our platform. From then on its all about commercialising the manga, which means launching the manga reading mobile app internationally and providing a platform for fans to manga artist/ authors to collaborate.


Yeeee! Let’s move to our fav segment 3! @eltf12 🙂 i suggest u to pick 5 best Questions by urself & they will be winners! 🤩

Btw Don’t forget genks! To follow, visit & join all of medsos MANGA

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Segment 3:

Qosemary Swafford: Do the token holders have right to the participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Elvin: Currently we do not have a governance system, the voting component of the project is the allow user to vote for their favourite manga in the leaderboard feature. Leaderboards are very common in the manga and anime space. We intend to make this leaderboard more fun and integrated into our platform by rewarding voters with NFTs base on the criteria of the contest held. In order to participate in the leaderboard, you must stake Manga Tokens to generate votes for your favourite manga.

Justan Ape $WSG: According to the roadmap, what are your most important next priorities? Does your team have enough funds and strong community to achieve those milestones?

Elvin: Our next and closest priority is to get a functional marketplace working. That is almost done! We are expecting the peer-to-peer selling & buying feature to be ready soon, so that we can officially call ourselves a marketplace. And more importantly fiat payment to allow non-crypto users to participate. We have raise sufficient funds to develop all we need to develop in the first year. Thereafter we will be pursuing traditional financing. Our community is still small but growing, I believe in the coming months it will grow big enough to sustain the entire operations.

Pierre Paulo: Does your Project have a marketing strategy to expand on social networks to reach more Investors and your Project community? And how will you handle it? How important is community support for the $your Project project?

Elvin: Yes! We are already working with our investors as well as many influencers to reach out to the community at large. In fact, our tokenomics has a marketing component where we allocate 2% of our tokens to cater to influencer whom can help to expand our community. Community support is very important to us, and we need all the help we can get to manage it. We will be opening an ambassador program soon, so stay tuned!

Jacob Gomez: Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us?

Elvin: We have started drafting a series of tutorials on our Medium publication. For now it will be mainly text and pictures. Soon we will work on Youtube videos. You can check out our Medium tutorials at https://medium.com/manga-token/tagged/updates

Kira: Do you have AUDIT credentials or are you working to AUDIT your project, to make it more secure and reliable?

Elvin: We have just completed our audit. Manga Token’s smart contract is now officially audited:


Host: BTW thanks for this unique project and ur best answers at this AMA.. Yeh!!! Before we end up this AMA would you please share Again socmed of MANGA mate?! ✨😅☺️

Elvin: Please follow our progress on https://t.me/mangatokenofficial

We are also active on social media:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/manga_token
Medium: https://medium.com/manga-token
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manga_token/

If you like to participate in our group discussions, do join our telegram community:

Once again thank you for having me in this AMA session!



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