AMA Recap GreenBeli x Cryptoiz !

AMA Recap GreenBeli x Cryptoiz !

Segment 1 (3 questions)

  1. Hallo guys! Please introduce yourself and also the background of GreenBeli Team? And please share to us of GreenBeli Partnership!

Answer: I’m Kary Le – Co-Founder of Green Beli. I’m passionate about environment protection and with other team members, we founded Green Beli in 2019. It is my pleasure to be here today to share with you about Green Beli – Our Eco-Friendly GameFi.

My name’s Thao Nguyen, Partnerships Manager of Green Beli. I hold a Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance from Middlesex University London. I’m thrilled to be here today to share with you about Green Beli The First Eco-Friendly GameFi, one of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on 😊

We started Green Beli in 2019 as a traditional project to support eco-activities and raise environmental awareness. We had also built a network of eco-friendly locations, called Green Map, for environment-loving community.

About the game, Green Beli is a play-to-earn NFT Game, inspired by our aspiration to combine the blockchain gaming world with the notions of environmental awareness and sustainability. Through this game, we commit to using part of its ecosystem fund to support eco-activities.

Green Beli is not just a play-to-earn game in the blockchain world. We believe it is the game that could introduce blockchain to millions of players.

We also have a bigger vision to combine Green Map, our orginal project with the game and integrate these green places on the metaverse.

So our team has been working with each other for few years now. I take great pride in our core team with solid vision, and strong commitment. We have 3 different teams at the moment: Operations & Marketing, Blockchain & Game team. There are almost 20 full time members of us.

With Green Beli’s vision, we have received tons of positive feedback from partners and international communities.
After being selected as one of 6 potential gaming projects in Game2Blockchain Contest last August organized by Axie Infinity, TomoChain, Kyber Network, Green Beli also became the first project funded by BSC Station $2M Incubation Hub.

I would say that we are very lucky to have BSC Station and Basics Capital as our lead investors and incubators.
Other main investors in Green Beli include Onebit Ventures, X21 Digital, AU21, M6, TCVN, FIM Ventures, and Titans Ventures.

On top of that we have a very active communities of over 200K followers on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook and other channels. And I have to tell you, Green Beli’s communities are the best. I’m very happy about it! We also greatly value users’ feedback and suggestions to our project and constantly try our best to improve for the better.

Below are our socials:
Website: https://greenbeli.io
Telegram: https://t.me/GreenBeliChat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Green_Beli
Discord: https://discord.gg/Uqa7PDeBqK
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GreenBeli

  1. Can you share to us what the ” GreenBeli project” and also the highlight of GreenBeli that put it aside from it’s rival? 

Answer : The first, it’s our community.
Strong community and always love the project.
In the process of doing, inevitably incidents, but the community is still here and trusts, accompanies and supports the project. We receive a lot of messages from users who love the project, to help make the project better, we appreciate these.
The second, our concept.
Special concept, and linked to the environment, has taken practical actions to protect the environment. In addition, there are more real actions to connect more strongly with the real world.

  1. What are the major milestones Green Beli have achieved so far ?

Green Beli completed IDO last September, and are now listing on Gate.io and Pancakeswap with over 17K holders.
Here is a quick recap of what we have done:

🤩20K Green Heroes – our game character were sold out in the Tree seed sales event

🤩 The NFT Marketplace has been successfully launched. For now you can get a Green Hero to start playing at very reasonable price of less than $80 here: https://app.greenbeli.io/market

🤩 So far, the most expensive Green Hero ever sold on our NFT market is 50K $GRBE

🤩 We successful released our game beta last November and have reached 2 million plays in 20 days with daily average of 100,000 plays. You can join our game here: https://play.greenbeli.io/ – Instructions: https://greenbeli.gitbook.io/green-beli/gameplay/pvc-and-pvp/how-to-play-pve

🤩 We established the Green Beli Environmental Protection Fund (GEPF) with the current commitment of $500K. We have recently organized various eco activities in Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, Nigeria…

🤩 Announcing investment of $1M in Green Metaverse (Green Meta)

🤩 You can find more infor of Green Meta here https://greenmeta.io/

🤩 Top 5 environmentally sustainable Cryptocurrencies to invest for 2022 on Cointelegraph

🤩 https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/top-five-environmentally-sustainable-cryptocurrencies-to-invest-in-for-2022

🤩 Top 15 potential projects with low cap and high potential growth by Cryptorank.io

Segment 2 From Twitter (5 questions)

  1. @Rillashin691

Can you tell us about different from $GRBE, GFRUIT, and $GMETA ?

Answer :

Our project has 3 tokens with different utilities.

GRBE: Governance token of the whole ecosystem, to be used to buy lands on Green Meta.

GFRUIT: In-game token, to be used to facilitate the breeding and fusion of Green Heroes as well as energy bar leveling up. GFRUIT will be minted and burnt continuously to keep the balance of the game.

Green Meta Token: In-meta token. Green Meta token is used as resources to facilitate infrastructures and in-meta assets on Green Meta such as: houses, barns, irrigation systems, and fencing… Green Meta Token will be burnt for such purposes.

You can earn free Green Meta by joining our farming pool here:

  1. @lidianovtanti

The gap between traditional gamers and blockchain gamers is still huge. How can “GREEN BELI” bridge this to attract more traditional players to try new blockchain-based games? What’s your plan to expand the adoption of your project to the traditional gamers?

Answer : First I would love to share with you guys a video of our gameplay


Green Beli introduces an easy to play, easy to earn concept. Green Beli is not just a play-to-earn game in the blockchain world. We believe it is the game that could introduce blockchain to millions of players. With this game, anyone can play.

To join the game, you only need 1 NFT (Green Hero). We have received a lot of positive feedback about our game like awesome UI/ UX, solid gameplay, and super cute game characters.

Other unique point of our game is that of if you win you can earn a lot rewards, but if you lose you can also earn rewards. That makes Green Beli really addictive to many players.


  1. @tuan_iker

For your roadmap I would like to ask What are your targets in 2021 and 2022 that you are focusing on? Will Greenbeli enter the NFT industry in the future? Do you think of adding NFT to your next portfolio?

Answer : In next steps, the project will focus on upgrading more features in the game, and gradually building Green Meta.

For the current game mode of Green Beli, the game is easy to play, the graphics are cute, you don’t need to spend too much time playing the game and especially you can still earn GFRUIT when you don’t win.

In the next time, our team will update more interesting features like binding (with account and password to login to the game account), fusion, opening more training houses and adventure game modes, tournament, updating battle to version 2.0 with the addition of buff cards to increase the fun and interaction between users in the game.

As for Green Meta, Land will be released soon, this is also the first factor for you to jump into Green Meta. You will use the GMETA token to build your own facilities and world in Green Meta, the combination with the real world, for example you play games to stake/farm coffee vouchers, it is also being included in the our plan in 2022.

  1. @benjaminsoedars

I’m a huge fan of protecting the environment. Can you share how Green Beli holders are involved in Green Beli environmental conservation campaign?

Answer : We at GreenBeli are passionate believers in a green earth. One of the reasons we initiated Green Beli – The First Eco Friendly Gamefi is that we understand the power of the community, and I believe, in blockchain gaming world, we can be able to build a strong and solid community to support our eco activities.

As mentioned earlier, we have established GEPF – Green Beli Environmental Protection fund with our current commitment of $500K. You can read more about GEPF here: https://medium.com/@greenbeli/gepf-green-beli-environmental-protection-fund-23693a74fd09

Thanks to the community, so far we have organized various green initiatives in different countries all over the world.

1) [Brazil] Planting 100 trees in Urubici, Santa Catarina – https://t.me/GreenBeli/450

2) [Brazil] Garopaba’s Central Beach Cleanup – https://t.me/GreenBeli/420

3) [Filipina] Penanaman 100 pohon di Sapang Bayan, Calumpit, Bulacan – https://t.me/GreenBeli/552

4) [Vietnam] Clearing 40km of roads in Son Tra peninsula – https://t.me/GreenBeli/470

5) [Nigeria] Plogging Event across the University of Nigeria, Nsukka Campus – https://t.me/GreenBeli/494

6 – Planting 100 trees in Zak Village, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran – https://t.me/GreenBeli/528

We are also open to receive suggestions from the community about the upcoming activities. So if you have any suggestions, please feel free to send email to [email protected] or can send a DM to me on Tele. I’m very active here ^^

  1. @cyewwi

How do you plan to make greenbeli a long term project?

Answer : Certainly, we have plans for Green Beli to go further, not just stopping at the game.

The first step is updating more features in the game, adding new game modes and increasing interaction between members in the game, details I also share in the team’s upcoming roadmap in previous question.

And a more important factor is Green Meta development plan, Green Meta is the huge future of Green Beli. Green Beli commits to invest at least $1m for the development of Green Meta.


We aim to build Green Meta as a place where users can:

  1. Own plots of land and apply their creativity to explore, build upon and monetize
  2. Plant Real NFT Trees and harvest Real Produce
  3. Engage in environmental education and awareness-raising; — Stake GRBE to earn vouchers for coffee shops or convenience stores in the real world
  4. Enjoy the excitement of exploring the beautiful natural Earth, and interact with each other with the support of AR/VR

You can find out more in our Green Meta website

Segment 3 From Live (2 questions)

  1. @aylorbaird : What would be the strategies to attract new non-crypto users? How much would the initial investment be for these new users? Will it have any restrictions or will it be easily accessible to new users at your investment level?

Answer :
As I shared earlier, we believe Green Beli is the game that could introduce blockchain to millions of players. With this game, anyone can play.

Another beautiful aspect of our game is that it’s a game to “play for the Earth”. So when participating in the game, not only can users make good profits, they will also indirectly contribute to supporting activities that benefit the environment.

As we have recently release Breeding features, I think it is the best timing to join the game now

Low investment to start the game: only need 1 Green Hero less than 80$

The ROI can be expected in 3 – 4 weeks, as the game balance and sustainability is important to us

📌 New features by end of this month:
1) Fusion
2) Mobile app
3) Green hero gifting and binding account
4) More Gfruit burning mechanisms

2. @Romjan25h

Hello Sir👋👋
Simple Question

why investors should buy and hold your token/coin in the long term??

Answer :
As shared, in fact, we have been developing the traditional project since 2019, and now for more than 2 years we are still continuing to develop non-stop.

With the visions and future plans that we have shared, you can rest assured that the project will be real, and most importantly, it is expected to combine the crypto world with the real world, so we hope that you will continue to accompany the project for a long time to get sweet results.



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