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1. Would you want to introduce yourself and tell us about your journey in the Crypto world?

Hello Indonesian Crypto Community — My name is Andrew Lubahn — I’m a 7-year professional athlete and entrepreneur.  I did my first ICO in 2017 while playing professional soccer in San Francisco and it was a smashing success.  Fast forward to 2020, while playing for NYC Cosmos, I meet Roberto Moretto, and the Sportcash One team and knew I wanted to get involved and help bring their SCOneX token and vision to the global sports industry.

2. What is Sportcash One?

Sportcash One is a blockchain solution for the global sports industry.  We operate at the technically innovative edge of the sports and crypto industries — marrying the two industries for maximum value. 

Think cutting edge sports tech meets cutting edge crypto and DeFi (Decentralized Finance) capabilities and you understand Sportcash One!

3. What is your NFT Sports Assets Platform?

I’m particularly excited about NFTs!  “Non-fungible Tokens” are a way of helping athletes, brands, and creators monetize their work and provide maximum value for their communities
Our platform allows speculators, investors, and community members the ability to create and build NFTs for athletes of all ages as a way to support them and their career financially while also receiving an appreciating asset.

4. Would you want to introduce what is the Sportcash One TAAS?

TAAS – or “Tokenization-as-a-service” is product we offer where we help athletes, brands, teams, and others generate a “Sport” Token to provide additional revenue and drive engagement with fans
Tokens help to align incentives between the issuer and the holder by allowing both parties to participate in the tokens growth and appreciation!
Tokens solve many problems in the sporting industry and are a great way to improve revenue and drive fan engagement in an increasingly digital world

5. I see Sportcash one have Digital Wallet + DEX Exchange, please tell more about it and what is the feature?

Here is an in depth explanation: Sportcash One DEX and Digital Wallet
A simple explanation is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) allows investors, customers, and speculators to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies in a safe, secure, and cheap method
Sportcash One’s DEX and custom wallet allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and manage their transactions without needing to interact with traditional intermediaries
DEX’es allow users more anonymity, access to cryptocurrencies, and more control of their digital transactions

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1.  Could you please elaborate more about your tokenomics? What’s the total supply and what kind of plans do you have regarding the token unlocks in the future?

The total supply is 100,000,000
We’re currently in an IEO on the ProBit exchange where we’re selling 20% of our tokens.  We’ve already sold 7,000,000 SCOneX tokens and we sold out in under 72 hours!  ProBit asked us to send more because they can’t sell it fast enough 😅
With remaining 80% we plan to burn tokens and optimize for maximum value
The important thing for our SCOneX token is to find stability once listed on the market and to make sure investors have faith in our token for the long-term.  So far so good!

2. How do i profit from SCOneX token?

The SCOneX token facilitates transactions throughout our ecosystem
SCOneX tokens can be traded, used as currency to purchase goods, and services, and the most popular option currently staked with attractive APY’s to earn more SCOneX!

3. When your Apps will be released?

We plan to offer a Dapp to allow staking soon after the completion of our IEO
The success and continued success of our IEO allows us to rapidly bring out the functions and products our customers and partners crave—thank you to all those who have recently become a part of the Sportcash One community!

4. How Do you planning to promote your project in different countries, wherein English is not spoken well? Do you have a local communities for them to better understand your project?

Sportcash One is a completely decentralized and International Team.  We have team members in Italy, USA, Netherlands, Russia, UK; London, and the Caribbean.  

Importantly, our community continues to grow daily, and we’re fortunate to have such passionate community members who help promote, grow, and educate others about our mission, vision, and products.

As we continue to scale we will continue to add more members, and offerings in markets where our customers, investors, and partners want our support!

We all speak the international language of crypto, blockchain, and sport!

5. Most users only care about immediate benefits rather than the real value of the project in the long-term. How can Your Project convince users invest to your platform in the long-term?

The answer is community!  Whether it’s NFTs, Tokens, or social networks, blockchain and crypto rely on the incredible power of community to drive returns, value, and quality for all members of the ecosystem.  One of the great things about crypto and Sportcash One is how powerfully we align incentives to maximize returns, value, and quality for the entire community.  We simply provide the technical solutions to make the outcomes a reality.

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Collaboration and partnerships are one of the cornerstones to making DeFi more widespread, Can you share some of the partnerships Your project have formed with existing blockchain foundations recently?

1) Thanks for your question @samiahamed93, thus far we have partnerships with the massive Hype Sports Innovation Acceleration, The Automotive Industries, The Waves Association, and Waves Nodes, Theta Streaming Platform, Former English International, and Premier League Football Players, Olympians, and Champions and other athletes who join our social platform daily.  We’re only now getting started and have more, and more joining each day.

COVID 19 has slowed many economies around the world but as a crypto business has it affected you negatively or positively? Secondly, are you still on track to achieve your targets as the road map says?

Hi, yes, COVID 19 has in fact accelerated the Sporting Industries desire to adopt crypto, blockchain and to find digital solutions as a hedge against pandemics.  We benefit immensely as Teams, Brands, and Sports figures want digital solutions now more than ever

How do you think with Asia market? Does SCOneX team have any plan approach INDONESIA which the potential market in crypto, there have many great teams and investors want work and earn money from crypto?

Hi @KaoVaer Thanks for your question.  Yes, we love the Asian Market, particularly the Indonesian Market.  We believe crypto and blockchain is a powerful tool to help athletes, brands, and teams compete in a global market place.  We’re excited to provide access, and democratize opportunities to invest, play, and grow

Hi @fariulla thanks for your question.  Yes, please join our telegram group: for the latest updates on our projects

We also publish and share content via our Instagram: @SportcashOne

Our Twitter: @SportcashOne

and Medium:

Can members of the SCOneX ecosystem get SCOneX tokens participating in the SCOneX programs? What does your member incentive system include?

Hi @FanDefi thanks for your question, Yes SCOneX holders enjoy many benefits, namely the opportunity to Stake their token with 30% APY.  This is a limited time offer and should be takin advantage of as soon as possible
Thank you all for the incredible questions.  I wish I had more time to get to all of them!

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