AMA Recap Cryptoiz with FLY

Segment 1

Q1. Can you describe about FLY project ?

This is the token, which supports the whole VRM ecosystem , including our trading business and Black Ocean project. The token provides people with opportunities to get discounts and benefits here

We have been working as traders for quite a long time and figured out that if we would use a token to support all our partners and customers we could provide much better results. So the product is FLy where we utilized all the real trading needs and ideas.

Q2. What idea behind black ocean come from ?

You know, we have been trading a lot and we see that big volumes always push the price of any tokens up or down. Last year we started noticing significant inflow of the new money on the market and this keeps going on. A lot of banks, funds and just companies started consider investing some funds into crypto. Usually they do it with very big amounts. So we decided to provide a venue where exchange of very big amounts would be convenient, safe and easy to execute.

The funny fact. We are originally from Russia and the only sea in Russia is Black Sea. So we decided that Black Ocean should be much bigger than sea. 😀😀😀

yeah, and I also would like to add few words. For example, if someone wants to sell / buy 50 BTC on the exchange, he will definitely move a market price, it will be his direct loses!
Dark pool is produced to avoid this type of risks

on the Other hand, Black Ocean provided a proper liquidity and execution solutions for retail oriented companies, there is also a big opportunity to do a business – a lot of companies around the world have their own communities, and if they can provide communities with solutions to trade crypto – they can make a lot of money and communities can enjoy fair trading with their leaders =)

Q3. Please share to our community the token economic of FLY

So.. this is quite a cool question, let’s explain it in details =)

Look, the FLY token supports the whole VRM ecosystem, which includes
VRM market marking
VRM research
Black Ocea
+ in the future few parts, as mining and capital management will be also established

We are also deeply focusing on making an eco-system of traders, to let them work easier, together and achieve better results. Thus we created VRM Research which looks for talented young people and endorse into trading environment, provide them with funds and give them proper advices. To support this process we will use FLy as to pay exchange fees for less, provide working capital, etc.

So, the token economy is based on value of using Black Ocean:

  • Partners, who has a sufficient amount of tokens get additional rebate from trading + ability to be connected to a liquidity pool
  • Partners, who pays fees with Fly token, gets additional discount
    of course, decentralised part of the dark pool provides token holders with special benifits such as additional funding rate and so on

On the other hand, as you know, we are market makers, so, our customers can pay for our services in tokens and get an additional discount for it
Consider the particular situation. Young genius mathematician created an algo in the world but he/she cannot enter into the exchange with good conditions and he has no money for working cap. Here come FLy. We can set this guy up. By the way VRM Research works already. We have now 30+ teams on examination phase and 2 of them already FLying!

Q4 . As we are in the bull market , Fly will have a great move in 2021 can you share your roadmap

Now we are just about to close the early investment rounds (pre-seed, seed and private), so you will see the token listed within a month, than the token will be deeply integrated into our products Black Ocean and VRM eco-system.

So, and considering the FLy token implementation into our ecosystem, we would like to share a piece of their road maps:
Blaack Ocean:

  • Run a liquidity poll
  • Support top20 assets from CMC
  • Run a decentralised dark pool
  • Achieve 1b / day trading volume
  • Connect all types of custoomers (OTC, Exchnages, banks, funds, whales) to the dark and liquidity pools

VRM ecosystem:

  • Run a capital managemt service
  • Invest into 10 teams

Q5. Do you have plan for FLY coin burn ?

yeah, of course!
All project from our ecosystem spend a part of their profits (from 5 to 25%) every month to buy back tokens from the market and burn them.

By the way, the first burnt of tokens has been done already. We have burnt around 1,7 mio of tokens lately.

Black Ocean is the platform to bridge the traditional world of finance and crypto. As long as more and more companies wish to invest in crypto part of their profits and use crypto in daily settlements we see a clear demand for the platform which will operate large transctions without influence to the price of digital assets.

Q6. Can you describe the bussiness opportunity for this platform ?

On the other hand, VRM Research is creating a place for growthing for young and smart teams, which are going to be brilliant traders in the future, of course, Fly token will support them for getting benefits, reward and special terms of cooperation

Another advantage of Black Ocean is safety of funds, We have in-built castody solution so the money of customers are all safe as they put directly to the custody.

Q7. What your target in 2021 ?

Black Ocean’s targets:
Achive 1b trading volume a day (or 1% of the whole major market) inside a dark pool
Achive 3% of the whole market volume inside a liquidity pool

Fly token:
to be in top20 CMC (but our personal goal is to be in top10 hah, but let’s see, we must work on it)

The target of VRM is to reach 11% of the volume in crypto trading in entire crypto market (Now we have 8-9%). VRM Research should incubate and accelerate 50+ teams

Q8. Security is priority and key for the launch of token , can you share to us whats your token have pass the audit ?

Smart contract has been audited long time ago and you can examine the report on the web site

Segment 2

1. Are you planning to promote your project in countries / regions where English is not good? Do you have a local community for them to better understand your project?

Absolutely yes! As long as Black Ocean is the truly global platform we have set an international team right from beginning. So the main language and, apparently, the main information flow is English but we immediately translate it on other languages and spread it out through communities, partners, local media, etc. We also have supporting teams in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Africa, Spain, Portugal, Japan, etc.

2. How will Your Project convince people who has a little knowledge about crypto currency to partake in the project

We do not really want to convince anybody. I think that the best proof of any success is just the result. So just analyze the business opportunity, compare it with our performance in the past and make your own decision. We wish the token to become not just another investment opportunity but the real tool to open trading opportunities and be a pass to the eco-system of successful traders.

3. How can we trust our funds with TokenFly ecosystem? What security measures being implemented in your network? Is your smart contract audited already?

Of course, you can check the audit here

it’s a proper audit company Knownsec, which supports a lot of major tokens and exchanges around the world

Black Ocean has a custody in-built into the platform and considered to be the best option for safety for the time beeing.

4. At this point, do you think you need exchanges as a binance to keep growing? Or is it better to forget those things and focus on other activities?

let’s see, it will be a pretty good surprise for our communities) We have a plan and we follow this plan =)

We can share some our steps and we did it already. However it is too boring to live withoit surprises. Let this be our surprise for a very close future.

5. Trust and security is very important in any business , what makes investors , customer and users safe secure when working with your project?

The best trust in crypto created by reputation and results. I suppose we have got both. So that is why we are trusted by 30+ most respected investors in crypto now.

so, the first of all we are doing our business in cooperation with legal and technical companies, which are checking everything. It prevent us and our customers from all types of mistakes and bad things. On the other hand, we prefer to use proper solutions , like custody services as a storage for customers assets + transparent smart contracts

Segment 3 we will share it on twitter for the winner! please stay tuned!

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