AMA recap Cryptoiz with Bingbon!


Q1. Please introduce yourself and your project Bingbon to our community!

I’m Tyler, head of global marketing at Bingbon.

Bingbon is a contract trading platform that allows users to trade crypto, forex, commodities and global indices with up to 150x leverage!

We are also one of the first crypto exchanges to introduce copy trading, that allows users to follow professional traders.

Q2. Can you explain how the bingbon market works?

People can long and short contracts of BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP and a number of other crypto assets, which means they can “bet” if the price will go up or down and make profits.

Q3. What is the main utility of Bingbon?

Bingbon is an exchange. Aside from contract trading, copy trading has become very popular with new traders as they can copy professional traders and make profits with little effort. Copying traders is easy, and you can copy with USDT.

Q4. Can you explain about copy trade market bingbon?

Users can see a leaderboard of the top traders on Bingbon, as well as the top traders in their region. You can see a traders recent trades, including opening time, closing time, profit rate and leverage. Our copy trading system is very open and shows a lot of data.

Q5. How about the fee of your exchange?

Our fees are low.
0.045% for Crypto
0.03% for Non-Crypto

Q6. What is the difference Bingbon from the other?

I think a few reasons:

Copy Trading: We were the first exchange to introduce copy trading. Many others have tried to copy us now, but we have the best traders 😁

Low Fees: Our fees are lower than most other platforms.

Trading Pairs: We have more trading pairs than other exchanges, with heaps of crypto pairs, as well as forex and others.

Simple Platform: Our trading platform is easier to use than all others. Great for new traders.

Q7. Can everyone be a trader professional on your copy trade?

The requirements to become a copy trader are not too high. This article explains it quite well:
Basically, if you reach the required profit rate and trading volume, you can become a copy trader.

Q8. What is your main goal in 2020?

Well 2020 is almost finished. We still have a few major changes coming to the Bingbon platform.

TradingView Integration – Users will be able to trade directly on TradingView.

API Launch – We are currently testing our trading API. If you are interested in helping to test, let me know!

More trading pairs and features – We plan to add more huge features soon!


In Indonesia we have a few options for payments, including GoJek! To check out the options, please go to to see the options for your region.

This is something we’re considering. I’d really like to add a “savings account” that allows users to earn interest. However it may take a little time to be added to the platform.

Well currently we have all of those features. As for new crypto pairs, we have to be very careful to ensure that there is enough liquidity in the market before we add a new pair. So far we have around 13 crypto trading pairs, and are looking at some to add now.

If you like to trade with leverage, or you are a new trader and want to copy other traders, Bingbon is the best place for you. Other platforms have tried to copy us, but we are the Number 1 platform for copy trading 💪🏻💪🏻

Currently we support 30+ fiat currencies to purchase crypto on Bingbon. You can check here;

Also we are exploring options to allows crypto-to-fiat, as I think this is an important factor.


IS there kyc option on the Bingbon Platform , do user need to kyc in order to use Bingbon ?

Users don’t need to complete KYC, but we definitely recommend KYC for faster withdrawals. Also KYC users will have access to larger withdrawals.

Most crypto exchanges have token of their own, does BINGBON has it own token? If Yes, can you tell us about the token and it benefits? If No, why don’t you have and is there any plan of having later in the future?

No, we will never have our own token. We don’t think that platform tokens are good for investors.

Could you please talk about the development planning of Indonesian market?

Currently we are still expaning in the Indonesia region, and we hope to become the top exchange in this region. We are still adding more affiliates every day. In 2021, I hope we can do some offline events 🙂 For now, we need to do more online events.

Under which mechanism does Bingbon achieve connection with platforms like Binance, OKEx and Huobi? to guarantee a fair trade.

Currently Bingbon takes spot market data from Binance, Huobi and OKEx to ensure that the pricing information is accurate. If one of these exchanges shows a price that deviates from the other exchanges, that exchange will be excluded from our data until the data is normal again.

I want to reffer a friend, how does Bingbon refferal system works?

If you invite your friend, you will get 10% of their trading fees every day 😁 Also if you recommend a copy trader, you will get 25% of the profit share when they make a profit in copy trading.

make sure to register on Bingbon and join our Bingbon Indonesia community:

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